Thursday, November 8, 2007

Day 7 of 419

Here we are, one week after starting this new lifestyle.  I am finding that I am actually enjoying this way.  I actually feel that cutting out the sugar has increased my activity and at least my apparent activity.   I don’t know if I am actually more active when I get home at nights, but I feel like I am.  I feel motivated to continue with my change as I succeed each day.  I am not going to say it was perfect, but that is not what I am trying to be right now.  I am trying to improve and do things with the intent to change who I am as I do not like what I have become.  I want to be active in many things.  I think that is shown with my activity at work, church, civic, and family lifes.  I am very involved with each.  But the very things that I like to be active in, also have hindered my physical self.  There needs to be balance in all things, and my physical self needs a part of that.  That means something has to give.  I am trying to give up those things that I don’t need.  Like watching TV.  All too often I will watch the silly television when I have some free time.  But this last week, I have tried to focus on doing things with the family more during that free time, which allows me to free up other times to be able to work out.  Also, I am giving up a little bit of sleep.  Waking up early has offered me the ability to do more things, but it hasn’t taken away much.  I have always found that I don’t need 8 hours of sleep.  Six seems enough for me.  Maybe 6.5.  That alone allows me the time to get into the gym in the mornings and do some working out.


With that said, Wednesdays are Tiffany’s temple days.  She leaves the home every Wednesday morning about 5:00 and gets home about 8:15.   So instead of the gym, I did Taebo.  For some reason, I really don’t like Taebo.  Probably because I feel like when I have done it in the past, I feel forced to do it rather than wanting to do it.  But it is a good workout indeed, exercising muscles that may not get worked otherwise.  I think I will actually look forward to my Wednesday’s Taebo workouts.  It just adds things to the mix.


Aside from exercise, I did good with my eating today as well.  Tiffany has been helping me a lot with getting my lunches ready.  I can’t tell you how much nicer that is.  She creates something healthy where maybe due to time, I wouldn’t  So a big thanks to her.


BTW, I will only measure myself the first of each month.  So no pictures or measurements for the next three weeks.  I don’t want to be somebody focused on the scale.  Hopefully checking myself only once a month will help me focus on my lifestyle change rather than simply my weight.





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