Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day 6 of 419

This morning Stunk.  I got home just after midnight from work (which is about normal after a Day 3 of close) with the need to pull reports for meetings the next morning.  Of course, our system goes down every night at midnight and doesn’t come up again until about 5 in the morning.  This is its daily maintenance schedule.  Then, every two hours the system goes down to update any changes that may have been made.  Suffice it to say, this is normal and I have to plan accordingly to pull my reports.  Well, since I have been trying to leave at 6:15 to go work out, I needed to pull the reports before I left and send them to various people to prepare for our meeting.  Because of the late night, I had a struggle getting out of bed, arising just after 6:00.  Well, by the time I got on the laptop and pulled up my programs, the system had gone down.  Since work, and especially this meeting (other meetings, not quite so important) is important, I needed to wait for the system to come up so I could pull my reports and send them to the appropriate people.  So I couldn’t go work out.  Since Day 4 is busy with reporting, I started working on other reports waiting for this system.


Well, on top of this, I had the planning commission meeting, which was longer than usual as we are discussing some vacant land and discussing (fighting) on whether we should make it commercial, residential, or what density of residential.  Again, took me longer than I wanted.  When I finally got home, Tiffany was tired from fighting the kids all day (Fighting may not be the right word, but they were on one yesterday, especially Logan).   So she decided to go out to the Library to take some books back and have some alone time (kind of, she decided to take Logan.)


I ate well, but wasn’t able to get my exercise in.  Perhaps I could have at done Taebo, but after a long night the night before and not much sleep, I was tuckered and didn’t want to.  So I didn’t.  I should change that and do it any ways, even if it isn’t full speed.  I should do something.  But hey, putting kids to bed isn’t always an easy task, so count that as my workout for the day.






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