Saturday, November 10, 2007

Body for Life

Cameron sent me his body for life book and video. I started to read it. I think it is good. However, I don't think I will start that yet. A lot of what I see is that it helps those who are somewhat fit, just trying to get to that next level. Sure, there are some that are probably in my boat, but I am not ready yet for that. I feel I need a couple of good months under my belt before I try anything else. Maybe it is just stubborn me, but whatever I am doing, I continue to feel motivated and since it is early enough in my training, I don't want to mess with something that seems to be working. However, I think I may try this down the road to jump kick things when I start to plataue. Thanks Cameron. I do appreciate your help and encouragement. I will let you know when I start this program.



noremac40 said...

No, no, do it--I wasn't fit when I started, I was at the heaviest and most out of shape as I've ever been 262 lbs, 27% body fat. Now, I'd say i'm in better shape now then ever 234 lbs and 10% body fat! All in 84 days following BFL(I was better conditioned in HS Track though) Trust me on this one! I wouldn't have sent it if I didn't believe it 120% You can do it!

noremac40 said...

Dude Fred, where is you latest post????