Sunday, November 4, 2007

Day 3 of 419

Tiffany was up in Logan since Friday, so Saturday morning I worked up a good sweat cleaning the house. Running up and down stairs, bending over, and putting things away was a good workout. After all was done, I had a bowl of pasta and then went on a 5 mile walk.

I am trying to be careful not to starve myself as that has often been the case when I start a diet program. Instead, I am trying to snack here and there on apples, oranges, and bananas. I think it is working. Tiffany and I went to the adult session of stake conference, after which, as is tradition for the last couple of years, we went out to eat. We ended up at Applebees and I had some ribs. Probably not the best I should have ate, but since I had not eaten much that day, I figured it would be alright. That and work paid for the meal (Due to large amounts of time and effort, the boss told me to take my wife out to dinner and submit the expense to work) I figured I could splurge on something a little nicer.



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