Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Obviously, I am not starting out without the end in mind. What a foolish thing to do. I will later detail out my goals, including mid term goals, workout plans etc. But let it be established that my goal is to lose 100 pounds from the starting weight determined on November 1st. This must be accomplished by December 24, 2008, almost 14 months from the start of the plan.

I have chosen this as my goal as my goal is to create a lifestyle and not just a diet plan. This is sufficient that I will need to work at it daily but will not be such a burden or too high where I will not be able to achieve it. This is achievable, but it stretches me and forces me to work hard.

So there it is
Lose 100 Pounds by December 24, 2008!!

Please help me achieve this in whatever way you deem reasonable.



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