Wednesday, October 31, 2007

In the begining...

Today was the last day of a lot of things for a long time. As such, it really seems very solemn as I realize what I am about to embark on. A heavy heart in some ways, but determined none the less. Starting tomorrow, I begin a journey that will take me up and down emotionally, but hopefully ultimately up in emotions and down in weight. As I ate my last donut (maybe ever) I wonder why I even ate it in the first place. It is worthless, and I know it. As I sucked on some candy from the kids Halloween candy stash, I really wonder why I desire it so. It must be due to how we are wired in the brain. But like many things in life, this is something that I need overcome.

So, here we go. Here are some before pics of me. G rated. I figure that there is enough of me to see through the shirt, you didn't want to see ALL of me. If I had taken off the shirt, I am not sure that I would have had anybody back to motivate me further!

Also, here are my current measurements, all except for weight. My scale doesn't go above 300 pounds and therefore I will have to wait until tomorrow morning to use the scale at the gym. I will post it tomorrow.

Neck - 18.25

Chest - 54.00

Left Forearm - 14.00

Right Forearm - 14.25

Left Bicep - 16.75

Right Bicep - 17.00

Hips - 48.50

Waist (Big Buddha) - 51.75

Left Leg - 27.5

Right Leg - 27.5

Left calf - 19.25

Right Calf - 19.00

Height - 78 (6'6'')

Weight - To be determined


spiffytiffy said...

whoohoo! Look at that hunk! You're on your way sweetheart! I'm here for ya.

noremac40 said...

Holy Fat Boy! Way to make the decision. The first 4 weeks are hard. The next 4 you finaly loose the craving for sweets and midnight snacks. By week 8 you notice a big difference in how your close fit but discouragement can sink in when you can't SEE as much progress as you feel. For now that is my 2 pennies. Till later...Oh when you see that donut and crave it. Remind yourself "FAT BOY ON A DIET, DON'T EVEN TRY IT"