Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Still in Week 1

I struggled a little over the weekend. Due to conference and other stuff that I was trying to get done, I ended not working out on Saturday. However, my eating wasn't so bad on Saturday until I came home from the Priesthood session of conference to see that Tiffany made sweet rolls! I told myself, I could have a little, becuase I really had been pretty good that day even though I didn't exercise (well, we did go on a walk for about a half hour, but that was it). Sunday, I ate decent, but the kids had all sorts of candy (a bribe to get them to sit quietly while we watch conference) and I ended up tasting a couple of swedish fish. Only a couple, but it was more than I should have.

Monday, I worked out and ate well. We had some fattening pulled pork for dinner for close but I tried not to go back for seconds and succeeded, but I had too many cream puffs which was ok, but not as many as I had.

Tuesday, due to close, I ended up not working out, but did pretty good on the diet and today, I worked out well and have thus far been good on the diet as well.

I already feel better. Amazing are the effects of a few good choices in your life. Fun will be when you feel the clothes a little looser or when you feel like you have to go down a notch on the belt. Lets keep it up.




Rasors said...

Great Job Fred! Just letting your know I'm watching your blog! ;) Keep it up!

Studly Studmans said...

Way-to-go! You can do it, you can do it! -Nate