Friday, October 2, 2009

Day Two - Session Two

OK.  Here I am Day 2 of this new session of weight loss.  It is still easy at this point.  I have the determination and the wits about me.  I need to be careful to be sure I eat enough, I wonder if I didn’t eat enough yesterday.  Based on my count and an estimate at that, I ate close to 1800-2000 calories yesterday.  With my exercise and resting calorie expenditure, to have maintained I could have eaten 4500 calories.  So, if I consumed 2500 less than I could have, (and if I continue this), I will have dropped 20 pounds by the end of the month.  Which I don’t think is really healthy.  If I am really trying to sustain this,  I need to eat a little more, closer to 3000 calories a day when I exercise. 


Well, in any case, my spirits are good about this and I continue to go forward.  I walked into work today and saw donuts on the table for the taking.  It really didn’t even give me a pause.  Of course I won’t eat a donut.  Two months ago, it also wouldn’t have been a thought.  I would have had that donut in my mouth.


But no more, at least not until I drop what I need to and even then, very seldom.


Well, I worked out today for another hour and a half.  The difference this session vs. last time, I am trying to really put a good weight workout before cardio.  Perhaps nothing that is going to make me huge, but I get a good sweat producing weight workout before I really sweat it out on the cardio equipment.


Today, due to a blister that started forming yesterday, I spun for half of my cardio and walked the other half.  By early next week I will be running for 10 – 15 minutes of the hour.  Every week after that I will add another 5 minutes so that by the middle of December, I will be running for the full hour.  However, there are days that I may not run, and will spin, or step or due to timing or location, maybe a taebo type workout at home (like Wednesdays that Tiffany goes to the temple and I won’t have time to make it to the gym).



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